3 reasons Point Guards make good business professionals

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Point Guards should be players of the highest basketball IQ. They are the leaders on the court. There are many comparisons between a basketball team and a company. If you see head coaches as presidents of successful companies then the point guards are the CEOs.
Here are 3 reasons why point guards make good business professionals:

Decision Making

Different situations in a basketball game require point guards to make split second decisions. For decisions to be effective, Point Guards should have their plan ready. Secondary breaks and half-court sets are plans for a team to convert 2 or 3  points each time plans are executed. Point guards have to make decisions based on how these plans unfold.

Much like CEOs who make decisions based on strategy. Sometimes business executives will not have all information needed to make a decision, but a decision has to be made because of time restraints. This is similar to a Point Guard making decisions after a broken play and the shot clock is running down.


Point Guards must have the ability to lead their teams to victory. They run the show and call for offensive and defensive changes much like CEOs call strategic plays for their company.

To be a great leader, point guards must be players your teammates want to follow. In tough situations, your teammates look to you for direction.

“You need someone that the (players) are looking to on the floor because as a coach you can’t be out there on the floor with them. I think a point guard with those leadership qualities is somebody that a coach can trust to kind of run the floor for him and that those guys can look to in that leadership role for their next move and to keep the game rolling.” — Kevin Faw


As a low post player, I can understand that not getting a pass from your guard can be very frustrating. However, Point guards are trained to see the whole court. They will see a double team coming from the weak-side and make a decision not to pass the ball. Just like a CEO has the vision of his/her respective company. A CEO can not delegate tasks to his colleagues (teammates) which are not in-line with his/her vision. Such unacceptable behaviour will result in turnovers/unacceptable work, which leads to losing games/quarterly losses.

To improve your vision, you must improve your ball handling to the point of not looking down and dribbling with your head up.


If you are/were a point guard the sky is the limit for you. You already have the tools ready to take you to the next level in your business career. Magic Johnson after his playing days has his net worth at approx $500M and is still counting.

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