Basketball Versatility: 5 zones workout

basketball Versatility

Here at The Better Game, we want you to improve and get better. In this post, we will focus on basketball versatility. Being sure that you are a versatile player will give you so many options to score on the court. No matter what basketball position you play, we believe you need to be a threat from all 5 spots.

Each of these 5 spots has its own zone. If you can master all zones in various ways then you’re on the right track to having great basketball versatility.



Zones 1 & 5

This is the low post area, which extends out to the  corner 3point line. In this area, you can work on low post moves, the short corner jump shot, and the corner 3 pt shot.

Zones 2 & 4

This is the high/medium post area, which extends out to the 3point line. In this area, you can work on high/medium post moves, mid-range jump shot, driving to the basket, and the 3pt shot.

Zone 3

This is the foul line area which extends out to the 3point line and into the paint.  In this area, you can work on your mid-range jump shot, driving to the basket, and the 3pt shot.

Basketball Versatility Sample Workout

  • 2 players and 1 ball (1 passer)
  • 3 players and 2 balls (1 rebounder and 1 passer)

For this workout, you can either count the shots you take or the shots made. You will have 5, 10 or 15 shots or makes in each zone. You will move through all zones in numerical order.  Once all zones are complete, you will shot 2 free throws. Completing all zones is 1 set. After 1 set the next player has his/her turn. You will aim for 3 sets minimum. Basketball versatility is all about making your strengths into weapons and your weaknesses into strengths.

Zone 1& 5: For these zones you will do 10 low post makes. The other player is playing low post defense with a pad.

Your low post moves can either vary due to different defensive looks or you can work on 1 particular move e.g. drop step to the middle. The defensive player will play 75-100% defense.

Zone 1 & 5: If you want to work on something else, you can work on your corner 3 pt shot or one dribble short corner pull-up. (10 makes)

Zone 2: For posts players in this zone, you will stand at the elbow with your back to the basket. The passer will pass you the ball. Do a reverse pivot and shot the mid-range shot. (10 makes)

Zone 2: For guards in this zone, you can work on attacking the basket in a wing pick and roll situation. (10 makes)

Zone 3: For this zone work on your trailer 3pt shot. I believe every position should work on this shot in their own time. This can cause mismatch problems for the opponent depending on who is shooting the ball.

Zone 4: For this zone, work on your fakes and attacking the basket. Either using a shot fake or a jab step.


Working on various moves will improve your basketball versatility and make you a difficult person to guard. The key to this workout is to exhaust yourself throughout the entire workout. DO NOT go through the motions.

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