I improved my jump shot percentage whilst sitting down

jump shot

Do you want a better jump shot?

Here is a secret to improving your jump shot…

DO NOT think about it.

Your jump shot should be natural to you without any thought. Repetition is the only way to improve your shot to the point of no thought. Form shooting is a practice that can improve your jump shot percentage.

In this post, we will discuss some form shooting drills. We will touch on the basics of having your eyes on the target, shot pocket, and the form of your jump shot.

This post does NOT address any mechanics from the lower body.

Let’s get started.

Eyes on the target

In my opinion, this is the most important aspect of the jump shot. You have to see and know where the ball is going. Upon catching the ball, you need to locate the basket as soon as possible. Once you have caught the ball and located your target, you should be in a triple threat position and the ball in your shot pocket.

Shot pocket

Your shot pocket is where you hold the ball prior to your jump shot. The ball should be located on your hip away from your defender. Always give your teammates a target to pass you the ball. You should catch the ball as close as possible to your shot pocket. This will eliminate any wasted movement during the jump shot process.

The faster you can get the ball in your shot pocket the faster you can shoot.

Form of your jump shot

  • Place your shooting hand on the ball so that the seams are horizontal to your middle and index fingers.
  • DO NOT palm the ball with your shooting hand. You should have a small space between the ball and your palm.
  • Spread your fingers wide enough to the point that the ball sits perfectly on your fingertips.
  • Your non-shooting hand is your guide and is placed on the side of the ball.
  • Raise the ball from your shot pocket with your elbow directly under the ball.
  • Extend your elbow and wrist into a straight line towards the basket.
  • As you are extending your elbow and wrist, release your guide hand first. Then release the ball from your shooting hand and follow through.

Form Shooting Seated Drills

Things needed:

  • Chair
  • Basketball

Drill #1 (25+ reps)

Put a target on your wall or have a target to focus on around the house. Sit in the chair with the ball held with two hands. Throw the ball up lightly and catch it quickly. Upon catching the ball, keep your eyes on the target. Quickly put the ball into your shot pocket, and proceed to a form shooting motion without releasing the ball.

Drill #2 (100+ reps)

This is similar to drill #1. However; this time upon catching the ball keep your eyes on the target. Quickly put the ball into your shot pocket and proceed to a form shooting motion and release the ball straight up in the air.

Drill #3 (100+ reps)

This is similar to drill #2. However; you will now release the ball and project it towards your target. I would recommend putting a small piece of black tape on a strong wall or door. Make sure you have room for the ball to bounce back to you. The idea is to hit your target EVERY time.

Note: These are supplement drills that go along with your training. You can do them in the morning when you wake up or when you are just watching tv. These are simple drills to improve your muscle memory. Remember there is alway time to practice, even when you are sitting down.

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