Juicing for energy and the season

juicing for energy

Juicing for energy will help promote optimum performance and recovery. Basketball players and other athletes could highly benefit from a juicing diet. Although juicing for energy all year round is healthy, an athlete should aim for different juice recipes from pre-season to post-season

Note: When juicing for energy clean all fruits and vegetables thoroughly before juicing them. Remove hard seeds in fruits like peach. However, you can juice seeds from fruits like watermelons as they contain unique nutrients. Wash vegetables well and shorten their stalks to allow the green leafy part to be the main ingredient of your juice.

What you require:

  • Juicing machine
  • Fruit and/or vegetables


Pre-Season Juicing

Basketball players working out during the pre-season will engage in exercises that will improve their performance during the season. The ideal juicing diet for the pre-season is berry juices, which should also be backed up with proteins to prompt muscle growth and repair. The juiced berries will help to reduce inflammation in the body, which ensures that an athlete is in good form to continue.

In-season Juicing

Basketball players will want to optimize their performance during the season by increasing their energy levels, hence enabling them to compete better. This requires ballers to consume food sources containing energy, protein, and vitamins to keep basketball players consistent with running and jumping throughout the season.

I have found juicing an hour before and after a game very beneficial. Beetroot, apples, citrus fruits, spinach, carrot, tomatoes, bananas and passion fruit are all very good sources of essential health nutrients. I combined grains such as various nuts due to the protein and good fat content.

Post Season Juicing

The goal here is to restore your energy spent during practice. After practice, your body will need the liver and muscle glycogen stores to be replenished. It is important that you consume a good amount of protein rich foods to assist with muscle repair. Berries, citrus fruits, carrot, tomatoes, bananas and passion fruit are ideal for the post-season. Worn muscles and lost energy, makes the body prone to infections.

3 recipes: Juicing  for energy

Nigerian Blast

3 celery sticks

2 apples, cored

1 handful of kale

1 lime


Nigerian blast is a mixture of green fruits and vegetables. Packed with high energy this juice is ideal all year round.

Berry Thunder

1 cups strawberries

1 slice of watermelon

1/2 handful of raspberries

1/2 handful of blueberries

Berry Thunder is a mixture of fruits with anti-inflammatory compounds. This juice is ideal for pre-season and after practice and workouts.

Beet him to the cup

1 large beetroot, peeled and cut into wedges

1 carrot

1 slice of fresh ginger

1 apple

Beet him to the cup is a high energy cocktail of fruits ideal all year round, however, it’s best if it’s consumed before any competition.


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