Mark Cuban has probably set off Russell Westbrook for the better


Earlier this week Billionaire Mavs owner Mark Cuban made comments that Russel Westbrook was not a superstar for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Cuban: “I think he’s an All-Star but not a superstar. When you look at Dirk – I’m not going to talk about other team’s players other than what I just said – Dirk for 15 years won 50 games no matter what. We put Moe, Larry and Curly next to him and he won 50 games … and I know there’s your headline.”

Some people speculate that it was to get into Westbrook’s head, however, we believe it has lit a fire under Westbrook to go for the Championship “no matter what”. With injuries in the Western Conference, Chris Paul/Blake Griffen (Clippers) and Stephen Curry (Warriors). It can be a possible smooth ride for the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Finals.

Russell Westbrook is averaging 24ppg 6.8rrp and 11.8apg in the playoffs

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