Myles Hesson: I had really bad asthma

Myles Hesson

Great Britain Senior Forward Myles Hesson has finished his season for Pro A French Club, Dijon. Dijon finished 9th with a 20-14 record missing out on the playoffs by one spot. The 6’6 forward has successfully climbed the European pro ladder from England to France and is looking to climb even higher.

We caught with Myles Hesson after his season to talk all things basketball: –

BG: Thank for taking your time to thebettergame. Tell us who you are and your basketball journey to the top level in France?

MH: My name is Myles Hesson, I am 25 years old, I’m from Birmingham England, I started playing basketball at the age of 14. When I first started playing I had really bad asthma and would have difficulties playing for long periods without having an attack. I have gotten over this now and it’s barely a problem for me anymore. I have played professional basketball for the past 6 years. After 2 years in the top flight in England, I moved to a 3rd division team in Germany. Over the next 3 years, I worked my way up to the top division. Most recently I’ve finished a season in Dijon, in France’s Pro A.

BG: Tell us about the first day of practice at Dijon:

MH: The first day of practice for Dijon had no basketball involved. It was a 7 km (4.3miles) run through the French Alps. Preseason was no joke.

BG: What similarities and difference have you noticed between the Beko BBL and Pro A (France)?

MH: I would say the biggest difference between the two leagues is the athleticism. France is a more up tempo and has an athletic league, whereas most German teams tend to play in a more methodical way.

BG: Tell us about your first game?

MH: My first game was at home against Orleans, I didn’t shoot well but finished with decent stats and a win. 

BG: What were your goals for this season? Did you achieve them?

MH: I wanted to make the playoffs, but we missed out by one game. It was still a pretty successful season, as we had 20 wins and 14 losses. This record would have had us in the playoffs in probably any other league in Europe this season.

BG: What are your goals for the summer as it pertains to getting better?

MH: The same as every off season, workout as much as possible and improve every aspect of my game

BG: What is the most memorable experience during your career so far?

MH: Representing the Great Britain men’s national team in EuroBasket 2013 was my most memorable basketball experience. I was almost cut from the team before the tournament, but continued to work hard and ended up starting and being a main component of the team.

BG: What is your take on your home-town Birmingham struggling to keep a top-flight team in the UK?

MH: It’s sad to see that the second biggest city in England doesn’t have a team competing at the highest level. It won’t happen over night, but with the right organization, there’s no reason why it can’t be successful.

BG: How has the top level French basketball experience made your game better?

MH: It forced me to become better at playing through contact and finishing in different ways around the basket

BG: Congrats on signing with Gravelines for the 2016-17 season. What can you expect next season?

MH: Thank you. I’m not really sure what to xpect playing for a new coach and with new teammates. I know the league now so that helps. I’m definitely looking forward to the new challenge.

BG: What kind of opponents were Gravelines last season?

MH:  They were one of the only, if not the only team that we lost to both times. They play tough defense and are dangerous offensively. I think my style of play fits in well with their system.

BG: What do you tell anyone who wants to get better and play Pro ball?

MH: Play and practice as much as you can, take advice and be coachable, watch good teams play and learn how to be a good teammate. 

Check out Myles Hesson’s 2nd half highlight from this season (fullscreen):

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