Neil Watson: He said I wasn’t good enough


This past weekend the Sheffield Sharks won the 2015-2016 British Basketball league playoff final beating the Leicester Riders 84-77.

The Sharks saw great performances from Mike Tuck who had a double double of 20 Points and 13 Rebounds while Jerrold Brooks added 18 Points.

Neil Watson and Conner Washington added 19 and 15 points respectively for the Riders.

After the game we caught up with Neil Watson Point Guard for the Riders for a short QandA:

BG: First tell us who you are and your basketball journey to England?

NW: I am Neil Watson, just a guy who loves basketball wholeheartedly. My journey starts from my freshman year in college where my tutor decided to quit helping me 2 weeks before my final tests. I became ineligible for my freshman year of university and ended up having to redshirt. After my redshirt year we got a new coach and he let me go, he said I wasn’t good enough. My junior year I tore my thigh muscle and had to battle hard for my starting spot and playing time.

My senior year I broke my jaw 6 weeks before the season and ended up working so hard in my therapy. I started the first game of the season completing my therapy and treatment in a little over a month.

After college I found an agent who thought the BBL would be a good fit and turns out it was. I love the U.K.

BG: Tough loss over the weekend to the Sheffield Sharks. What was your mind-set going into the game? What do you think went wrong down the stretch?

NW: My mind-set in the game was to attack, take my shots, and try to keep my guys involved. I knew it would be a team effort that would get us the win, but down the stretch I think we just didn’t capitalize when we needed to.

BG: What were your goals for this season? Did you achieve them?

NW: Our only goal was to win chips and we did. (Trophy and the BBL League title).The BBL cup and playoff final hurt, but goals were achieved.

BG: Where have you seen improvement during your two seasons at the Leicester Riders?

NW: My maturity by far. I still have a ways to go, but being around these guys has matured me not only on the court but off as well.

BG: What are you plans for the summer as it pertains to getting better?

NW: Rest… Then workout, workout and more working out with a guy named Anthony Spencer. #TeamWarHorse, sand pit, weights etc etc.

BG: What would you tell anyone who wants to get better and become a pro basketball player?

NW: I would tell them working hard is endless and so are people trying to bring you down. To overcome it all, become mentally tough. It’s what’s worked for me and got me this far.


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